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The Town of Arrow Rock is located 13 miles north of I-70 on Hwy 41 in Saline County

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City Services and Fees

The following is a list of services and their fees provided by the Town of Arrow Rock.

  • Water connection $30.00, one time fee. (New Resident)
    New connection meter fee $100.00
    Water minimum $18.50 month. (Use 1,000 gallons or less)
    Due 16th of each month.  10% late fee.
    Three months late water can be turned off.
    Re-connect fee $30.00.
  • Waste Water System (sewer) minimum $17.50 month.
  • Sanitation/trash $14.50 per month.
  • Electricity is through Kansas City Power & Light 1-877-288-5309.
  • Propane - There are several in the area.
    MFA 660-886-3942, Bryan's 660-886-5566
  • Telephone: Otelco 660-834-3311 or 611
  • Internet/TV: DirectTV, Dish Network, Fiber (Otelco)
  • City Taxes - Real Estate and Personal Property $0.67 per $100 valuation; Due December 31st.
  • Sales Tax - 8.725%
  • Fire Protection - Saline County Rural FD
  • Merchants License: $25.00
    Liquor License: $100.00
    Contractors License: $25.00  - If a contractor is hired to do ANY work on your property they MUST have a license.  Ordinance 8-7.  Penalty $1.00 - $100.00 Article 1 Section 5-1 - 5-6.
  • Pet License: $5.00 per neutered animal, $25.00 un-neutered animal.  Limit 4 cats, 2 dogs.

Town Board

The Arrow Rock Town Board meets 1st Monday of month.

Town Clerk: Susan McDaniel  660-837-3608
Water & Wastewater Operator: Pat Murphy 660-837-3301
Chairman of the Town Board (Mayor): Kirby McCullough  660-837-3700
Board of Trustees:
Karen Berry
Kirby McCullough (Chair) 660.837.3700
Caitlin Essmyer
Ryan Zirngibl
Roger Peecher
Committees of Arrow Rock

Board of Architectural Review

The Town of Arrow Rock has a Board of Architectural Review (BAR).  Any changes to appearance of your house, outside structures or fencing, this includes changing exterior colors, will need to go through this board and approved by the Board of Trustees. Guidelines are available for your reference. Meet 4th Monday of month.

Design Guidelines Book

The above files are in pdf format.  You need Adobe Reader to view the files. It is available to download for free at

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